Kassandra Halkidiki

The Kassandra peninsula or the “first leg”, as it is called in Greek, is located just 90 km from the city center. Historically, Kassandra used to be named “Flegra”, which means a place of fire. According to Greek mythology, the area was home to giants and became a battleground during the era when they tried to banish the gods from Mt Olympus.

Kassandra is known for its nightlife. At Kallithea village, there are plenty of bars and nightclubs that will appeal to young visitors. The must-visit clubs are Angels Club, Pearl Club and if you are interested in getting familiar with the Greek music and way of having fun, then also visit Aqua Club.

Coming to the beaches, many cosmopolitan beach bars are offering you luxurious amenities, refreshing cocktails and crystal-clear waters. Paliouri offers stunning beaches like Xenia beach shore with clear pure water and thin sand. On the other side of the peninsula, do not miss Possidi beach, which is marked by an impressive lighthouse standing on the side of the beach. Sani resort stands just 45 km south of Polygyros, which is the capital of Halkidiki region. It combines pine forests, amazing beaches, and excellent tourist facilities. Extra points are given to the area since it also offers one of the best sunsets in the region.

If you are interested in arts and happen to be around Kassandra during July and August, you should visit the amphitheatre of Siviri, where the annual Kassandra festival takes place. The festival consists of concerts and theatrical plays with a great variety of content. Every year is extremely popular not just for the residents of Halkidiki but to the tourists as well, who want to discover Greek music and theatre productions.

The most convenient place to stay is Pefkohori village.

It is located exactly in the middle of the peninsula, making it easy to explore the other villages. One of the best options for accommodation is Bungalow White Apartments. It is located high on a hillside, just a few kilometres above Pefkohori village, keeping away from the bustle of the crowded village. The view is breathtaking, with the sea expanding across the gulf and creating a beautiful contrast with the green of the pine forest that covers the land. Bungalow White is perfectly decorated in the minimalistic style, with a pool bar, which is rarely crowded allowing for private and relaxing moments, while the staff is more than happy to serve you.