Flamingos taking a rest in Agios Mamas, Halkidiki (video)

A flock of impressive Flamingos is taking a rest in the wetland of Agios Mamas in Chalkidiki, in Northern Greece. They are on their way to warmer climates before the cold winter breaks in.

The Flamingos have already started their migration journey from the north countries of Europe seeking warmer climates ahead of the winter.

They won’t migrate though until the weather turns bad so when the season is a mild one they may not end up migrating at all.

The wetland of Agios Mamas offers them a good place to rest before they continue their route to Iran or India.

Flamingos are water birds, so they live in and around lagoons or lakes

The wetlands between Agios Mamas and Potidea are great spots of water among the land that create a unique lagoon and which is a place of “Community Protection” and “Special Protection Area” of the network Natura 2000 and hosts variety of aquatic birds.

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