Ancient ruins of Olynthus

Ancient Olynthus was a city of Halkidiki founded during the Neolithic era. It was built mostly on two flat-topped hills 30–40m in height in a fertile plain at the head of the Gulf of Torone, near the neck of the peninsula of Pallene, about 2.5 kilometers from the sea and about 10 kilometers from Potidea. It was abandoned during the bronze age only to be resettled during 7th century BC. The modern city, formerly Myriophyto, now called Olynthos or Nea Olynthos, sits on a small plateau on the western side of the river Olynthios or Resetenikia (in ancient times known as Sandanus), across from the ruins of the ancient city. Artifacts found during the excavations of the site are exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Olynthos.